Happy Hug Day Sms 2021 Messages for Boyfriend Girlfriend

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Happy Hug Day Sms 2021 Messages for Boyfriend Girlfriend The sixth day of Valentine’s Day is Hug Day. It is celebrated on 12 February every year by love couples. On this day, the couple and friends hug each other and show love and affection for each other. While people living close to each other can give each other real warm hugs, people living far away from each other can send each other a heartfelt Happy Hug Day Sms 2021 Messages, Happy Hug Day Sms 2021 and greet.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the right words to express your feelings as we have covered an amazing collection of Hug Day messages and Hug Day Wishes that you can send to your near and dear ones and enjoy the week of love Can.

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Hug Day Messages for Boyfriend 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

A hug and a peck on the cheek is the best way to let you love know how much you love her. Happy Hug Day!

Your hug is the fuel which my body needs in order to function every day. I Love You. Happy Hug Day!

In this barbarous world, I find your arms to be the safest place for me. Just keep me in your arms always. Happy Hug Day.

A hug can vanish all my fears away and can also show my love and affection towards you…
Happy Hug Day!

A warm hug to the woman of your life is the perfect way of telling her that you really love her. Happy Hug Day!

Hold me tight in your strong arms and make me feel special to you. Happy Hug Day.

Hug Day Messages for Girlfriends 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

Set the butterflies free in my stomach, Set sparkle in my heart. How? Simply give me a warm hug because I need it more than you imagine. Happy Hug day my angel.

Love me, kiss me and wrap me in your charming hugs because they make my day. Happy Hug Day.

Living without you is unimaginable. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Hug Day!

Staying miles apart doesn’t matter; my love will always find a way to reach you to give you a tight hug. Happy Hug Day.

My heart and soul longs for your love.
Holding me tight is what I long for.
I love you.

The best feeling is to have you in my arms all day, every day. The best hug is when I get it from you. Happy Hug Day!

Best Hug Day Messages 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

A tight hug and a peck on the cheek is the best way to let someone know how much you love them. Happy Hug Day!

Hug is the most secure, pampered kind of love. It doesn’t have to have anything but just a hug can change everything. Happy hug day!

A tight hug a day, keeps the doctor away. Prescription for life. Happy Hug Day!

My arms are open to hug you close to my heart. Happy Hug Day!

Give me a tight hug and promise me you will never leave me. Happiest Hug Day!

With a warm hug I want to tell you that my love for you is real. Happy Hug Day!

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

Wishing the warmest and the happiest Hug Day to my loving husband! You are always there to hold me when I felt down and sad. Be always like this with me honey!

Happy Hug Day, Sweetheart. Sending you to love with a big hug and tonnes of kisses on this lovely eve.

The best feeling is to have you in my arms all day, every day. The best hug is when I get it from you. Happy Hug Day!

When you Hug 

 someone, Its nothing. 

When someone Hug 

 you, Its something.
When you love 

 someone and they love you back, 

Its everything. Happy Hug Day…

Sending you an ocean full of Hugs and kisses to make you smile every day
And to say,
I’m thinking of you and I miss you badly!!
Happy Hug Day!

Happy Hug Day darling! My arms ache for you, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. Come soon!

A mother’s hug, a father’s hug, a friend’s hug or a partner’s hug; they all are different because they mean different and for me you are special. Happy Hug Day!

A hug is shakehand from the heart.

Happy Hug Day Quotes 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

A hug is the best gift you can give
It fits all
And nobody ever minds
If you return it.
Happy Hug Day

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.” – Proverb

“That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable.” – Deb Caletti

“Hugging: the truest form of giving and receiving.” – Carol ‘CC’ Miller

“A hug is a perfect gift; one size fits all, and nobody minds if you exchange it.” – Unknown

“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.” – Bil Keane

Hug Day Best Shayari & Quotes in Hindi 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

दिल की एक ही ख़्वाहिश हैं..
धड़कनों की एक ही इच्छा हैं..
के तुम मुझे अपनी बाहों में पनाह दे दो,
और में खो जाऊ
Happy Hug Day

बातो बातो मैं दिल ले जाते हो,

देखते हो इस तरह जान ले जाते हो,

अदाओ से अपनी इस दिल को धरकाते हो,

लेकर बाहों मै – सारा जहाँ भुलाते हो.

Happy Hug Day My Love…

Mohabbat mein baccho ki tarah Hona Chahiye;

Jo mera hai toh mera hi h Kisi aur ko kyu du…

Happy Hug Day

अपनी बाँहों में मुझे बिखर जाने दो..

साँसों से अपनी मुझे महक जाने दो..

दिल बेचैन है कबसे इस प्यार के लिए..

आज तो सीने में अपने मुझे उतर जाने दो।

Wishing you Hug day…!..

Mann Hi Mann Karati Hu Baatein
Dil ki Her Ek Baat Keh Jaati Hoon
Ek Baar Le Lo Bahon Mai Ab To Sajna
Yahi Har Baar Kahte Kahte, Ruk Jati Hu

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

सिर्फ एक बार गले  लगाकर,
मेरे  दिल  की धड़कन सुन
फिर लौटने का इरादा हम तुम पर छोड़ देंगे…
Hug  Day मुबारक

मुझे बाँहों में बिखर जाने दो,

अपनी खुशनुमा साँसों से महक जाने दो, 

दिल  मचलता है और सांस रूकती है –

अब तो सीने में आज मुझे उतर आने दो…

Happy Hug  Day Dear…

एक ही तमन्ना, एक ही आरजू…
बाँहों की पनाह में तेरे….
सारी जिन्दगी गुजर जाए…Happy Hug Day Dear…

कोई कहे इसे जादू की झप्पी..

कोई कहे इसे प्यार..

मौका खूबसूरत आ गले लग जा यार…

 Happy Hug Day 2021

इतना ना तड़पाओ मेरे दिल को,
इतना ना सताओ मेरे बाहों को,
इतना ना छुपाओ अपने प्यार को,
आग तो दोनों तरफ ही लगी हैं..
आओ ले लो मुझे अपनी बाहों में.

Jaise Bhi Ho Jo Bhi Ho Mere Liye Tum Hi Sabse Perfect Ho.. Happy Hug Day Jaan..love u

Hug Day Best Messages For Husband 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

Hey Handsome Husband, hope you are on your way to give me a hug as I am sending you a one right now. Because Hug is like a boomerang! I should get one back instantly. Happy Hug Day.

“I am sending you a tight hug wrapped in lots of love and warmth to the most amazing husband in the world to wish him a very Happy Hug Day.”

The perks of marrying you are getting to hug you whenever I want, wherever I want. Happy Hug Day dear Husband. Still, I cannot get enough of you.

“Hug Day has always been a very special day because it gives me another chance to have you hold in my arms for one more time.”

Hug Day Best Wishes for Wife 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

You are so beautiful, more in heart than your body. And I love to hug you because I can feel your heartbeat that way. Happy Hug Day my charming lady.

Hug me tighter and give me my solace beautiful woman. This hug day, I do not want anything more than this. Happy Hug Day my lady!

Millions and Billions of hugs to you my queen on this hug day. You will reign my heart forever!

Even though I am not close to you today, giving you a tight hug on this hug day.

I love our marriage life because I get to hug you every day and let you know that I love you without even saying it. Happy Hug Day wifey!

Happy Hug Day Sms 2021

Happy Hug Day Sms

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