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Propose Day Messages 2021, Happy Propose Day Sms 2021

Propose Day is the second day of the Valentine week which starts from 7th February every year. It is celebrated on February 8. On this day, people in love all across the world express their feelings to the beloved. Seal your place in your beloved’s heart forever and make this Propose Day truly memorable with these heartfelt Propose Day messages.

I luv (U) more than any_1 can.
I know (U) better than any_1 else does.
I’ll stay with (U) in the deepest and honest way no_1 else can.
I luv (U) more than any_1 could ever.

I prômise tô lôve yôu fôrever…every single day of fôrever.

I lôve yôu môre than yesterday ßut less than tômôrrôw.

I lôve yôu môre than yesterday ßut less than tômôrrôw.

I want 2 say some words with my soul.
I want 2 propose u.
I want 2 make u mine.
I miss u much
I wish love u more.
A hug 4 u , a hug 4 me.
My embrace, ur arms 4 a long time.

IF I ever write a
Story of my Life or
Story of my Love,
Don’t be Amazed if
You name appears
Like billion times

Prettythings always cômes in pairs. Shall we be a pair to ße the ßest thing in the wôrld?

. . . . . . . .(I)
. . . . . Am(L)ucky
. . . . . . .T(o)
. . . . . .Ha(v)e
A Valentin(e)
. . . .Like(You)

I am Much More me
when I am with you

“Knock Knock”
“Who’s it?”
“with whom?”
“How long”
“How Much?”
“More I Sure“

I have Deposited
Valentine’s Day
in your ATM account
Use without limit
The pin code is
“I LOVE YOU”……propose sms

I promise you, no one will work
harder to make you happy more then me.
I will be your best friend for lifetime.

I have the ‘I’
I have the ‘L’
I have the ‘O’
I have the ‘V’
I have the ‘E’
So please can I Have ‘U”

Kitna pyaar hai unse ab wo Jaan le,
wo hi hai zindi meri Ye baat manle wo,
kuch nahi pass unko dene ko hamare bas ek
jaan hai jab ji chahe maang le wo.

You are precious, this is true.
For you, there is nothing I would not do.
No one means more to me, you see
That is why I am there for you,
and you are there for me

There will always be room
For your hand in mine.
Our Heart always shines
Be my valentine

Pyar kya h mujhe bata do,
Kiya nhi kbhi krna sikha do,
Jeena to hme bhi aata h lekin,
Pyar me kisi ke liye mrna sikha do…..

From this day forward, You shall not walk alone.
We share love, laugter, joy and tears together.
My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home 4ever.

There are many ways to be happy in this life
But mine starts with you and ends with you.

“True love is finding your soulmate in your best friend”- Faye Hall, My Gift to You

“With every breath I take, I will always love you.” – Jennifer L. Armentrout, Every Last Breath

I Propose You
I Love You Sweetie
Standing on knees.
The Day
I will go on knees for
Another Girl…
Is the day
I will tie a shoe lace for
Our Daughter…….best propose sms

L=> is for the way you Look at Me
O=> is for the only one I See
V=> is very very Extraordinary
E=> is even more then anyone that you Adore

Hasraaton ki nigaaho pe sakht pahra hai
Na jaane kis ummeed pe yah dil tehara hai
Teri chaahaton ki kasam, aae dost
Apani Dil ka rishta Pyaar se bhi gahara hai.

Happy Propose Day Sms 2021 Wishes | Images |Message | Lover

The sweetest way to propose:
“Excuse me, do you have a band aid,
because I scrapped my knee
when I fell in lovewith you.
Will you be Mine..
Will you be Valentine..

Sweet love proposal –
Q 1: What do you call a mother in Marathi?
Q 2: What’s the name of Lord Rama’s elder son?
Q 3: What’s the style of Swami Narayan’s ‘Tilak’?
1. I
2. Luv
3. U

I wanna be
Your favourite
HELLO and your
Hardest goodbye

Pyaar wo hai jis mein sachaii saath ho
Saathi ki har baat ka eshsas ho
Uski har addaa par naaz ho
Dur rehkar bhi pass hone ka eshaas ho…………………………love proposal sms

I have special surprise
for you but I need to
borrow your arms for
wrapping paper.

Love is when you
again and again go
to Whatsapp, Facebook, mobile messages inbox
to see his/her last
seen sms, msgs, quotes and post.

I am Madly, Truely, Deeply, Seriously and Passionately in love with you

Legend says, when you
can not sleep at night
it is because you are
awake in someone elese Dream…

I want to change 3 things about your life…
1. Your last name
2. Your address and
3. Your viewpoint regarding men.

To be with YÖU That’s all I want
YÖU are everything I need

Dil me hai 1 Raaz wo Raaj kah dunga
Badi Muddat se kahna chahta hu 1 baat
wo baat kah dunga-
Mughe teri Chahat hai
Mughe tum se Mohabbat hai

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