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Meera bai Jayanti HD Dedicated to Meera bai. a religious Hindu singer and a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, this little temple lies in a residential locality close to the Jagat Mandir. Born and brought up in a royal family, it is said that the lady was married to a king of Rajasthan during the 16th century, but Meera was unhappy with her wedlock for she always considered herself the better half of Lord Krishna. It is also said that Meera bai went on a pilgrimage and journeyed almost all parts of North India, before concluding the same at Dwarka and that with the power of her devotion, she infused into the idol of Lord Krishna at the DWARAHADHISH Temple Meera was married in 1516 to BHOJ Raj, the son of Rana Sanga and prince of Mewar. Her husband BHOJ Raj was injured in 1518 in a conflict with the rulers of the Delhi Sultanate and due to this, she died in 1521. Within a few years of her husband’s death, her father and father-in-law were also killed in a battle with Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire.

God Krishna With Meera bai New images Download

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